• My business might not survive, what can I do to mini...

    When: 12/11/2020


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Thursday 12th November 
    Time: 9am
    My business might not survive, what can I do to minimise the damage to me and my creditors?
    Speakers: Steve Knowles of Knowles Warwick and Deborah Lockwood of Graywoods

    The pandemic and consequent lockdown measures have hit the UK economy hard, resulting in the worst recession in history. Few industries have managed to avoid the impact, with many businesses struggling to survive, even with the available government help.&nbs... Read More
  • Employee Wellbeing: Effective Short & Long-Term ...

    When: 24/11/2020


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Tuesday 24th November
    Time: 9AM
    Employee Wellbeing: Effective Short & Long-Term Approaches
    Speaker: Harry Bliss, Founder of Champion Health
    Via Zoom

    Over the past 6-months, mental health issues and general wellbeing across UK employees has significantly worsened. This is not only devastating to see from a human standpoint, but also from a business case. Especially with a 'hybrid' working system appearing to be the future for many companies, it's now more important than ever before to invest in employee wellbeing. 

    This sessi... Read More


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