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Date: 16/06/2021
Time: 09:00 - 10:00

CY Masterclass: Strategies for reducing your business energy usage - UPDATE 16/06/2021

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Date: Wednesday 16th June
Time: 9am
Strategies for reducing your business energy usage - UPDATE!
Speaker: Chris Bingham of Craggs Energy
Via Zoom

Almost exactly two years ago, Teresa May significantly increased the UK commitment to reducing a range of greenhouse gases, signing into law the target of “net zero” for the UK by 2050. 

Just a week later, I gave a presentation to members of Connect Yorkshire to explain what this might mean to businesses across the region, making some very bold predictions about how this would impact both our work and home lives.

Two years later, I’m here to update what net zero means to us all, including scoring my own rash predictions that were made back in 2019, and with a whole range of fresh new predictions as to how the world now sees the goal of decarbonisation – and more importantly what it means to those of us who run businesses.

There have been a host of pledges, announcements and targets made by the UK government, and I’ll do my best to filter out the noise from the matters of substance.

There is still much that has not yet been agreed by the various stakeholders in decarbonisation, especially in terms of timescale, but I said two years ago that I felt net zero would have a far bigger impact on our way of life in the UK than Brexit (which seemed a pretty brave at the time), but even for those businesses who have been impacted directly by Brexit, I remain convinced that net zero will be a more fundamental shift in the way in which we live our lives.

I will look at:
  • Transport – personal and business, cars, trucks, airlines, shipping, rail
  • Heating – home and business, biofuels, hydrogen, heat pumps
  • Power generation – Time of use tariffs, battery storage, solar 
And anything else anyone wants to ask me about. I’ll also explain my own plans to cope with the shift away from fossil fuels – as someone who owns a number of UK businesses that sell fossil fuels….

CY Masterclass: Strategies for reducing your business energy usage - UPDATE

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