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Venue: Building 5, Carwood Park, Selby Road, Leeds, LS15 4LG,
Building 5, CARRWOOD PARK,,
LS15 4LG

Date: 23/10/2020
Time: 07:30 - 10:00

West and North Yorkshire Masterclass: Managing People & Leadership

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Date: Tuesday 19th May
Time: 07:30 for 08:00 till 10:00
Managing People & Leadership  
Panel: Janette Benaddi Co-founder of Yorkshire Talks, Martin Port Founder and CEO of BigChange & Rachel Kay, MD of Green-Tech

For our May Masterclass, we are holding one of our educational events, on the subject Management & Leadership. Our panel are here to answer any and all your questions, and some areas we’ve come up with to discuss are below:

- Happiness at work - Difference Between Meaning and Happiness
- Remote working - work at home/off site
- Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) - What is it? How can it help you?
- What is the culture of your company. Do you think your company’s culture really matters – and what is ‘culture’ anyway?
- How do you get people to go the extra mile? (how do you unlock that elusive ‘discretionary effort’?)
- How can you get people to feel true ownership of the business and really care about its success? especially if they don’t have shares or options?
- How do you spot potential?
- How do you develop your people?
- What have you found the most effective benefits / rewards are – when you can’t afford much salary increase?
- Is it money or love that motivates the key members of your team.
- What have you done that has worked best to motivate people – other than financial incentives?
- Effective and consistent communications
- Team efforts in continuous improvement 
- Directors walking the shop floor daily
- Catching employees doing the right things!
- Learning the difference between asking and telling
- Learning to say “Thank You”

This is a Q&A event, so we encourage you to come and ask the questions you want answering.

*Non member rules apply (as a non member, you may only attend your first Connect Yorkshire event for free. If you wish to continue attending our events, you must sign up to membership)

West and North Yorkshire Masterclass: Managing People & Leadership

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