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Date: 25/01/2020
Time: 08:00 - 10:00

Clarion seminar: Protecting your business £0.00

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Date: Thursday 14th June
Time: 08.00 for 08:30 till 10:00
Clarion seminar: Protecting your business
Venue: Clarion Solicitors, Elizabeth House, 13-19 Queen Street, Leeds, LS1 2TW
Chris Booth, Partner, Employment and Sue Streatfield, Legal Director, Intellectual Property

Employment Contracts

In this session, Chris Booth will highlight the importance of protecting your business and identify the ways and means by which you can do this within your employment contracts.Chris will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of restrictive covenants and identify how you can tailor your contracts to better suit the needs of your business and maximise protection. The session will provide some valuable action points for you to take away and implement in your own employment documentation.

Understanding IP Rights

Many businesses do not realise the wide range of IP rights that arise automatically and/or who owns them. This can lead to confusion about who has the right to use/adapt particular names, texts, logos, designs, software or products and on what terms. Also, the consequences of misusing other people’s IP rights are often misunderstood.
Additionally, businesses may be unaware of how little it costs to protect their rights by registration (eg by registering trademarks and registering designs).

During Sue’s presentation, she will explain:

1. How to identify IP rights that arise (including rights in trade marks, designs, inventions, databases and confidential information as well as copyright) and how to protect them;
2. Tips for avoiding infringement of third party IP rights eg by carrying out clearance searches.  We will also explore where the line is between being lawfully ‘inspired’ by other people’s work and unlawfully copying it; and
3. Ways to commercialise IP rights by restricting competitors from using them and creating licensing income streams.

Clarion seminar: Protecting your business

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