• CY partner seminar with Clarion: Data and informatio...

    When: 18/05/2021


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Tuesday 18th May
    Time: 9:30am till 10:30am
    Data and information law
    Speaker: Florence Maxwell of Clarion Solicitors

    Businesses capture data every day for multiple uses. Data and information laws provide control over personal data and provides assurances that any information handled is being securely protected.

    Any business that holds information relating to individuals is subject to the G... Read More
  • Using data for strategic business growth

    When: 25/05/2021


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Tuesday 25thMay
    Time: 9am till 10:30am
    Using data for strategic business growth
    Panel: Dan Rathbone of Infinity Works, Katrina Cliffe of KC Communications and Steve Crow, Strategy Director at Clarion
    ... Read More
  • CY Masterclass: Strategies for reducing your busines...

    When: 16/06/2021


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Wednesday 16th June
    Time: 9am
    Strategies for reducing your business energy usage - UPDATE!
    Speaker: Chris Bingham of Craggs Energy
    Via Zoom

    Almost exactly two years ago, Teresa May significantly increased the UK commitment to reducing a range of greenhouse gases, signing into law the target of “net zero” for the UK by 2050. 

    Just a week later, I gave a presentation to members of Connect Yorkshire to explain what... Read More
  • CY Partner seminar with Brewster Partners: Resilient...

    When: 22/06/2021


    Price (inc VAT): £0.00

    Date: Tuesday 22nd June
    Time: 8am - 9.30am
    Resilient Leadership
    Speaker: Maria Bramall, Brewster Partner Group
    Via Zoom

    Core Objective:
    How to maintain and promote resilience whilst responding positively to challenge

    Core content:
    - Pressure Vs challenge?
    - Growth Vs Fixed mind-set
    - Supporting colleagues
    - Self-care

    - Understanding what wellbeing is and why it’s important
    ... Read More
  • Sales training with Sally Roberts: Pitch to Win - H...

    When: 23/06/2021


    Price (inc VAT): £5.00

    Date: Wednesday 23rd June  
    8am - 9.30am
    Pitch to Win - 
    How is your pitch?
    Sally Roberts, Fun Training For Results

    When asked, most business people said they would like to be able to pitch better.Connect Yorkshire’s June workshop is created especially for people wanting to improve their pitch.In ninety minutes, you will understand what a sales pitch is, what makes a good, memorable sales pitch and what to avoid.

    You will... Read More


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